West Shore Middle School -- Congrats to all of you! Never forget you are a WILDCAT!! Best wishes on the next part of your journey!
3 months ago, Milford Public Schools
Gift bags for our Class of 2022!
Thanks for the memories!
We Did It!!
Full House at West Shore Middle School Ceremony
Next stop -- East Shore Middle School Moving Up Ceremony! Held at Foran HS. Congrats to our 8th graders moving on to High School!
3 months ago, Milford Public Schools
The Class of 2022 of Harborside Middle School
Ready and waiting ....
Full House!
Getting ready for the 'big' event
It's Moving Up Day for Harborside Middle School in Milford! Congrats to the Class of 2022 -- and we wish you all the love and luck in the world as you move on to high school!
3 months ago, Milford Public Schools
The Harborside Middle School Class of 2022
Family and Friends Awaiting the Class of 2022!
Here we go!!
And the result? There were many 'ooohs and ahhhhs' as Mathewson Elementary students retrieved their egg vehicles to see if the cargo survived the drop. A huge thank you to the Milford Fire Dept. for partnering with us on this project!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
checking to make sure crate is ready
team of boys getting ready to launch
5th graders and MFD - thumbs up
two girls showing their crate worked
All eyes were skyward at Mathewson today. The Milford Fire Dept. assisted 5th graders with their final STEM project of the year: build a contraption around an egg that will keep it safe from breaking -- when dropped from 75 feet in the air!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
firefighter preparing for liftoff
firefighter ready to drop egg crates
egg crates dropping
The JLHS Senior Interns have been presenting their work and telling us about their experiences in the Internship Program -- and WOW -- the stories they shared were POWERFUL! 55 interns in all this year, all offering incredible experience and insight. Great job, all!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
internship student 1
internship student 2
internship student 3
internship student 4
Meanwhile, over at Meadowside Elementary - we found lots of 'career thinking' amongst staff AND students! The month-long project used a multi-disciplinary approach with connected art projects, interviews, and more. Great work!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
office team as nurses
bulletin board mead
baker pilot artist photo
It's Career Day across the entire district today at our Elementary schools! This month-long project is culminating today with students coming to school dressed as 'what they'd like to be when they grow up.' Here are some 'future aspirations' from Orange Avenue Elementary.
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
police soccer veterinarian kids
police kid
career kids
A perfect day for this annual competition. The James Wynne Middle School Track Meet showed fierce competition, wonderful sportsmanship, and memories for a lifetime. Check out these pics! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZqHW2z4BmA3b1ZRxRLO66CIX_-qThEZw?usp=sharing
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
Harborside Middle School Wins The James Wynne Cup! Congratulations to the HMS Team at the Citywide Track Meet!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
winners 1
winners 2
winners 3
We are halfway through the James Wynne Annual Middle School Track Meet. Lots of excitement. Stay tuned for deets!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
track 4
track 3
track 2
track 1
The 2022 Virtual Art Show for the Milford Public Schools is now 'live.' Take a look at the beautiful creations made by our students this year. https://sites.google.com/milforded.org/milfordpublicschoolsvirtualart/milford-public-schools-art-show
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
art show icon
More than 300 ceramic poppies are on display at Foran HS in commemoration of Memorial Day. Teacher Emily Plude worked with students in the crafting and installation of the art project. A group of invited guests and students attended the short ceremony today. Beautiful!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
emily plude speaking
ceramic poppies at jaf
jaf student playing taps
attendees to poppy installation
INVITATION to BID (RFP #1772): Sealed bids are now being accepted by the City of Milford for the Addition/Renovation Project at Pumpkin Delight Elementary Schools. Please click below for details: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C-8n0v2w8-YeRkcovdRPqt5Lyz--AMN7/view?usp=sharing
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
city of milford rfp 1772 pumpkin icon
What a beautiful night to celebrate our 2022 Respect Ambassadors! Elementary and middle school students from across our city were congratulated for their respectful, honest, and selfless attitudes. Thank you, too, to our sponsors: the Junior Woman's Club of Milford. Terrific!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
friends and family look on at respect event
jwc respect organizers
2022 Respect Ambassadors Milford CT
Congrats to the 2022 MPS Districtwide 'Of the Year' Winners! L to R: Marty Breen (Para), Marisa Perce (Teacher) and Bridget Krauss (parent). Thank you, ladies, for all that you do every day!
4 months ago, Milford Public Schools
of the year winners 2022
We are SO proud of the West Shore Middle School Archery Club as they celebrated their recent statewide competition win -- and now are on their way to KENTUCKY for the Eastern Nat'l Championships, the crowning event of the Nat'l Archery in the Schools Program. Good luck, Wildcats!
5 months ago, Milford Public Schools
wsms archery team
The Milford Adult Education Program celebrated the end of their academic year today with a visit to City Hall and a personal visit with Mayor Blake. A lovely brunch followed for the participants in attendance. Congratulations to all - you are amazing!
5 months ago, Milford Public Schools
adult education city hall
We are honored to announce our DISTRICT TEACHER OF THE YEAR is MARISA PERCE, a Grade 4 teacher from Calf Pen Meadow Elementary. Ms. Perce has been noted as invigorating, engaging, and a wonderful teacher to all! We are so proud of you, Marisa and thank you for all that you do.
5 months ago, Milford Public Schools
cutaia perce whitaker
marisa perce teacher of the year
Going above and beyond! That's how our DISTRICT Para-Educator of the Year -- Mrs. Marty Breen -- is described! Mrs. Breen serves the Live Oaks Elementary School as a Paraprofessional and we are SO lucky to have her on our team. Congratulations, Mrs. Breen!
5 months ago, Milford Public Schools
koosa breen cutaia