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Happy Friday, MPS Family Members:

 It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve chatted – and we hope you are enjoying the summer break so far!  Just wanted to share a few newsbits with you, based on the types of questions we’ve been receiving here at Central Office.  Here we go…




Got New Neighbors? Urge them to register their kids for school!

We may only be in mid-July at this point, but it is super-helpful for us if parents register their new students as soon as possible. Please help us so we can ensure a smooth Opening Day for everyone!  If you have a student who will be entering Milford Public Schools for the first time (or know of a family new to your neighborhood), please begin the registration process.  To start – simply visit the district website and click on the REGISTER/WITHDRAW button on the very top of the page.  Thanks for any help you can give in getting the word out! 


How’s Your Summer Reading/Math (and other subjects) Going?

Okay kids! We’re almost halfway through the summer … have you begun your summer reading/math and other academic work yet?  Click on our SUMMER LEARNING website to find lots of resources and other materials that make learning fun all summer long!


In addition, the Milford Public Library has partnered with us to make it easy to accomplish your goals.  This year, the FIND YOUR VOICE program combines a variety of activities and the Read-And-Bead project – for readers of all ages.  Lots of fun – check out the MPL website for more.


Need Working Papers? Visit Your High School

If your child is in need of ‘working papers’ in order to be hired for a job, here’s what you need to do.  Working papers are required for individuals who are minors and seeking employment.  There are a few documents you will need in order to receive your authorization to work:  1) Proof of your age (birth certificate, passport); and 2) the Employer’s “Written Promise of Employment Letter.”  Take both of these documents to your high school and see the secretary in the office.  She will assist you from there.  Congratulations on your new job! 

Milford Adult Education Catalog Coming in Mid- to Late-August

We’ve been receiving a bunch of calls asking about the courses available in the fall for the Milford Adult Education programs.  Just want to keep you in the loop – the course list is being put together as we speak – so stay tuned!  We anticipate it will be landing in Milford homes in mid- to late-August.  As soon as the catalog is completed, we’ll post it online on our website, as well.


Need a Job? We’re Hiring!

This is the perfect time of year to start thinking about the Fall, especially if you need a job!  Here at MPS we have dozens of opportunities and there might be a perfect one for you.  Whether you’re a certified teacher, or a skilled professional, or perhaps you are only looking for a few hours per day – such as working in a school cafeteria – we’ve got something for you.  Take a look at our listings.


Volunteers Needed for the Annual Milford Oyster Festival (Aug. 18th and 19th)

The crown jewel of the year – our beloved Milford Oyster Festival – is almost here and we can’t wait!  An event of this magnitude, however, doesn’t happen without the support of the hundreds of volunteers who offer their help each year.  The MOF committee is still looking for volunteers for this year’s event – so if you’re inclined to become part of this wonderful team, please consider completing this Volunteer Application.  For those who might be looking to log bona fide volunteer hours (for Graduation with Distinction, for example) these hours will be validated upon completion of your service.  Thanks for your support of our Fest!


Enjoy the weekend, everyone. We’ll be in touch again in a few weeks.

-Milford Public Schools