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Dear Members of the Milford Public Schools Community,

We are delighted to let you know we have added an exciting new communication tool to our Milford Public Schools collection:  PODCASTS!  Starting today - (and once you download the Podcast app from your smartphone provider!) - you can hear all the MOST PREVAILING STORIES (MPS for short) we have to share.

Today’s installment kicks off with some quick sports updates from Foran and Law athletics, followed by the recent Pumpkin Delight Groundbreaking that took place last week. It includes in-person interviews with key contributors and others who were involved in the coordination of this project, including Anna Cutaia, Jim Richetelli, Pat Bradbury, Sherrod McNeill, and Sue Glennon - as well as some interesting comments from Pumpkin Delight students. Check it out! 


Our first installment featured our ‘First Day of School 2022’, taking you on a trip through the district during our first few days of the school year.  This initial podcast features what’s new in the district, highlights of some upcoming events, and some interviews of students and their first impressions of returning to school this year.  Really great!

Episodes are short (approx. 20 minutes or less) and will follow a 2-week rotation, with new info included in each edition.  So – get ready to plug in those headphones when you’re taking a walk, working out, or commuting to work each day and enjoy the Most Prevailing Stories coming from the Milford Public Schools

You can listen anywhere you get your podcasts, as our installments will be published to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, and Google Podcasts!