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April 24, 2022

Dear Milford Public Schools Staff and Parents/Guardians,

We hope this letter finds you at the completion of a spring break that has provided you with an opportunity for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation to help us finish out the 2021-2022 school year strong!

The Connecticut Department of Public Health has advised school administrators throughout the state that COVID-19 transmission rates have been steadily increasing and that we should expect to see more cases of COVID-19 affecting students and staff in our schools in the coming weeks due to recent holiday gatherings and travel associated with school break weeks.  Our district will continue to utilize enhanced mitigation strategies in our schools to help reduce COVID-19 risks during this time of increased community transmission. 

In our efforts to continue to provide safe and healthy learning environments we offered all students, staff, and families at home COVID-19 test kits before leaving for spring break and request that you test on Monday morning, April 25th, before returning to school from spring break. If you did not receive a test kit and would like to receive one, please contact me by email with your request.  Accepting a free test kit and subsequently taking the test is completely voluntary. However, we believe this to be an important extra measure of caution that we can all take as we return from the break with community transmission rates increasing at this time.

We will continue to use the following mitigating strategies in all of our schools:
● students and staff members can choose to wear masks at any time that they are in school or participating in school events;
● masks are available in our schools and are provided to those who want to wear a mask, but do not have their own to wear;
● hand sanitizer is available in our classrooms, hallways, and all learning spaces in the schools;
● students are provided opportunities for handwashing throughout the school day;
● all staff and guests complete a symptom checklist prior to coming to work or visiting a
● ventilation systems were upgraded to assure airflow is at the recommended level;
● windows are open to increase air flow when the weather conditions permit;
● there are large tents in place so that instruction can be provided outdoors;
● distribution of notification letters to our school community regarding positive cases reported to us;
● availability of refillable water bottle stations instead of drinking fountains;
● provide optional free COVID-19 PCR testing to any students and staff who want to partake at each of our schools on a weekly basis (click here to register);  
● provide COVID-19 home test kits at any time for students and staff for free to determine whether they may have COVID-19; and
● provide access to vaccination clinics held in our schools and in local city locations free to students and families.

Additionally, we are asking our staff, students, and families to help us reduce potential COVID-19 risks even further over the next several weeks by:
● Staying home if you feel unwell and especially if you are experiencing any symptoms that could be caused by COVID-19, including:
˗ Fever or chills
˗ Cough
˗ Difficulty breathing
˗ Fatigue/tiredness
˗ Muscle or body aches
˗ Headache
˗ New loss of taste or smell
˗ Sore throat
˗ Congestion or runny nose
˗ Nausea or vomiting
˗ Diarrhea

● Testing for COVID-19 either using an at-home test kit or at a pharmacy or other testing
site if you:
˗ feel unwell or have any symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19; or
˗ have had an exposure to someone suspected of having COVID-19; or
˗ have recently traveled out of state using public transportation (e.g., air, train, bus); or
˗ have attended any large group events (e.g., concerts, weddings or similar events, etc.)
● Wearing a mask when you are around other people especially if:
˗ you are not feeling well;
˗ are advised to do so based on isolation or quarantine recommendations;
˗ you are at risk for severe COVID-19 complications; or
˗ you feel more comfortable wearing a mask at this time.
● Contacting the school nurse and following isolation guidance if you test positive for
COVID-19, including remaining away from school activities for at least 5 days and wearing a mask when returning for an additional 5 days.
Following quarantine guidance as appropriate for your vaccination status if you have
close contact with someone with COVID-19 either inside or outside of your household.

We are continuously grateful for your partnership in our efforts to meet the academic,
social/emotional, and health needs of all our students and staff. Take good care.


Anna M. Cutaia, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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