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The Academic Calendar has been updated to reflect our new tentative last day of school, due to our weather-related closing last week.  As of today, 3/1/22, our tentative last day is Monday, June 20th.  Please take a look at our latest revision.

And, in case you were wondering, here's how snow days are handled with regard to the school year: 

"The last day of school is tentatively June 20.  If additional days are required for emergency/snow closures, they will continue to be added after June 20th, but not to go beyond June 24. 

Should more days be needed, they will be deducted from the April 2022 vacation beginning  with April 22nd and backing up to April 18th."

And for those beginning to make Graduation Plans, please know that the Graduation Schedule is not finalized until mid-April.  Stay tuned!