PTA stands for Parent-Teacher Association.  It is a formal, nationally-based organization, with a definitive structure. 

PTO stands for Parent-Teacher Organization.  While not nationally organized, there are thousands of PTO chapters throughout the country.  In Milford, some schools have a PTA unit, while others have a PTO.

Our schools depend on active parent involvement and volunteerism.   We hope we will be able to count on you to help keep the Milford Public Schools strong and vibrant through your membership in either of these groups.  

National PTA

The National PTA organization was founded in 1897 in Washington, D.C. -- an organization that has become the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation.

 At the national level, the group works to provide parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child while providing the best tools for parents to help their children become successful.  The national PTA collaborates with many national education, health, safety, and child advocacy groups and federal agencies.

For more information, please visit the National PTA website.

Connecticut PTA

Connecticut PTA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, established in 1900, to further the mission and objects of the National PTA. Currently, Connecticut PTA is comprised of more than 260 units and 56,000 members statewide.

The Connecticut PTA exists as a source of information and support to all local (school) units and members throughout the entire state.

The Connecticut PTA is organized through the structure of five regions, or districts.  Milford is a member of Regional District III.

Fellow district members in Region III include: Branford, Cheshire, Clinton, Derby, Durham, East Haven, Guilford, Hamden, Meriden, Middletown, Milford, New Haven, North Haven, Orange, Old Saybrook, Seymour and West Haven.

For more information, please visit the Connecticut PTA Website.

Milford PTA-O Leadership

The Milford Council of PTAs is a consortium of delegate-representatives from every PTA and PTO school-based group in our city. 

They work together on issues that will benefit all parent-teacher groups and focus, in a collaborative way, on the health, education, and welfare of all children in Milford.

PTA/PTO President List, 2021-22


Jessica De Young

1st Vice President
Bridget Krauss

2nd Vice President
Emmeline Harrigan

Kara Flannery

Kristyn Liebelt


Calf Pen Meadow
Stephanie Kanaan

John F. Kennedy
Elizabeth Shipman

Live Oaks
Michele Moll

Michele Haramis

Bridget Krauss

Orange Avenue
Jennifer Tingets
Megan Delmonte

Orchard Hills
Jaime McCormack
Nicole Semanchik

Pumpkin Delight
Amy Fino

East Shore Middle School
Denise Posey
Mary D’Amato

Harborside Middle School
Renee Kugit

West Shore Middle School
Christina Parisi
Jade Ramos


Information coming soon...

Milford PTA-O Chapters

Elementary PTA/O Groups

Calf Pen Meadow Elementary School
John F. Kennedy Elementary School
Live Oaks Elementary School
Mathewson Elementary School
Meadowside Elementary School
Orange Avenue Elementary School
Orchard Hills Elementary School
Pumpkin Delight Elementary School

Middle School PTA/O Groups

East Shore Middle School
Harborside Middle School
West Shore Middle School

PTO Info

The Parent Teacher Organization is similar to PTA in that it works to improve the quality of our children's lives and education.

A major presence on the national scene, PTO Today was founded in 1999 as a valuable resource center for all school parent groups (regardless of their PTA or PTO status).

PTO Today is a private company, owned by School Family Media, and focuses exclusively on providing practical and meaningful parent involvement at school.  The organization offers a wide variety of assistance and tools in the form of their national magazine (also called PTO Today), parent group insurance discounts, practical guides to follow in the operation of a school-based parent group, software and many other practical support items.