Registration 2022-23

Welcome to the Milford Public Schools!  Before you begin the Registration Process, we suggest you read the instructions below first so you will have all the items you need.  You will be asked to submit these items as electronic files when you work through the required information online.

A. A certified copy of your child's birth certificate (with raised seal, not a photocopy)

B. Residency documents:

  1. Warranty deed, current mortgage statement, current tax bill or a current fully signed lease (including landlord’s name and phone number); and

  2. Two (2) current utility bills associated with the property (electric, gas, water, cable, landline phone bill, etc.). Cell phone bills are not acceptable. 

  3. If the student living with you is from another town, you must provide  Affidavit #2 and Affidavit #3, which must be filled out by the Milford resident and the parents/guardians of the student. Both forms must be notarized. 

  4. If your family is living with or sharing the same residence with a Milford resident, you must provide Affidavit #1 and Affidavit  #3, which must be filled out by the Milford resident and the parents/guardians of the student. Both forms must be notarized. 

  5. If Affidavits are provided per steps C or D above, the documents required in steps A and B shall be provided by the resident. Additionally, the parent/guardian shall provide two current documents in their name (court document, tax bill, medical bill, W-2, paystub, bank statement, current car loan statement, DMV current car registration, etc.) listing the property address.

C. A copy of the student’s latest physical exam (must have occurred within the past 12 months) and immunization record. Link to school health forms.

Students CURRENTLY attending MPS PRESCHOOL or Milford's READY-TO-LEARN program do NOT need to complete the Kindergarten Registration Process. 


STEP 1: Determine What School Your Child Will Attend:

Click on the School Assignment button below to verify your child's assigned school. Locate your street listing to determine the school your child will be attending.

School Assignment List

STEP 2 - Click HERE to complete the 2022-23 Online Registration Packet.

Please use the primary parent/guardian information when registering a new student. At the end of the online registration process, click Submit. Congratulations -- you're done! 


STEP 3: School Secretary will contact you via email.

Once you have completed and submitted the online Registration Packet (Step 2), your school secretary will contact you via email to confirm receipt of your registration information.  Additional directions will also be included in that email.  

We encourage you to learn more about your child's school by visiting the school's website ( and click on the Schools drop down. 

Elementary Schools (PK-5)

Calf Pen Meadow - Jane Smyth -

John F. Kennedy - Lisa Kirby -

Live Oaks - Donna Kennedy -

Mathewson - Marcy Gonski -

Meadowside - Jennifer Stebbins -

Orange Avenue - Maggie Germanese -

Orchard Hills - Lauren Paone -

Pumpkin Delight - Robin Green -

Middle Schools (6-8)  

East Shore - Kim Lanier -

Harborside - Stefanie Beauvais -

West Shore - Kelley Brown -

High Schools (9-12)

Jonathan Law - Asli Sarullo -

Joseph A. Foran - Mary Grega -