Connecticut recognizes that learning to teach is a developmental process that begins during preservice and continues throughout a teacher’s career. In their first years in the profession, beginning teachers face the challenge of translating theory from teacher preparation programs into practice.

The mission of the TEAM Program is to promote excellence, equity, and high achievement for Connecticut students by engaging teachers in the purposeful exploration of professional practice through guided support and personal reflection.

The goals of the TEAM Program are to:
• Provide all beginning teachers with the support they need to develop as effective educators;
• Ease the beginning teacher’s transition into the teaching profession to retain effective teachers;
• Develop teachers who are reflective practitioners, able to critically assess their practice against CT’s teaching standards, and are committed to continuous professional learning;
• Cultivate an understanding of the professional responsibilities of an educator;
• Foster collaborative learning communities for all educators; and
• Provide excellent teachers the opportunity to develop as educational leaders.

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