Budget Central 2023-2024

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Here you will find all of the items related to the 2023-2024 Budget in one location.

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Most Prevailing Stories Podcast - E18 P2 Budget Special

Superintendent's Proposed Budget

Past Meeting Resources

Board Of Aldermen: FY 2023-2024 Budget Vote 05/11/2023

Board of Aldermen: BOE Budget Presentation 04/25/2023

Board of Education: Regular Business Meeting 04/17/2023

Board of Aldermen Public Budget Hearing 04/17/2023

Board of Aldermen Meeting 04/03/2023

Board of Education: Committee of the Whole Meeting 03/27/2023

Board of Finance: Budget Vote

Board of Finance: Budget Technical
Discussion 03/02/2023

Board of Finance: Budget Hearing
Education Ops, BOE 03/01/2023

Milford Board of Education:
Budget Vote 01/18/2023

Milford Board of Education:
Budget Workshop 01/11/2023