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Throughout this site, you will find a myriad of information about our program as well as resources for reading and research. Our program has two goals: to teach students to become competent seekers and users of information and to instill a lifelong love of books and reading. These goals are met through our Library Media Curriculum as well as the resources available in the library.

 The Library Media curriculum focuses on information literacy skills. In all grades, the focus is on literature appreciation, finding materials in the library and learning to choose appropriate books and promote a love of reading. A focus is placed on research skills across the curriculum. Students learn how to do research using the Big 6 research process. Students learn skills such as narrowing a topic, creating research questions, identifying and locating sources, notetaking strategies and creating a bibliography. The curriculum also reflects both State (Connecticut’s Framework for Learning) and National (AASL American Association of School Librarians - Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Action) Learning Standards for Information Literacy.

 The Meadowside Media Center contains a print collection of approximately 20,000 volumes. The collection includes fiction, nonfiction, audio books, reference materials and magazines. There are also video and professional resource collections available for use by teachers. The collection includes a wide range of genre as well as reading levels. There is a parent's section as well.

 The Meadowside Media Center website contains a collection of electronic resources for student use. These resources include subscription databases, reference tools and curriculum related websites. There are also lists of recommended books, author information and suggested questions and activities for books. All of the resources included in the site are chosen to support the curriculum at all grade levels as well as student research needs and personal interests. The purpose of this site is to provide an online presence for the Meadowside Media Center.

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