Library Schedule

Library Schedule- Media Center, Media Lab, Room 144, Room 125, Room 211, and Room 142.

The Media Center is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 3 PM. 

To get on the Media Center, Media Lab, Room 144, Room 125, and Room 211 schedules, or to use the Chromebook carts, click the links below and enter your name and the number of students in your class. If you want additional materials or assistance, please email Sarah Briggs at

**Room 144 will not be available for the following dates/times:

November 15 7:30-10:30

December 11 Common Time

December 12 Common Time

December 13 9:00-11:30

December 14 8:00-2:00

December 19 Common Time

December 20 Common Time

January 8 Common Time

January 15 Common Time

January 16 Common Time

January 24 Common Time

Click here for the Media Center's schedule.

Click here for the Media Lab's schedule.

Click here for Room 144's schedule.

Click here for Room 125's schedule.

Click here for Room 211's schedule.


Chromebook carts: Please note that Chromebooks only have internet access and Google apps (no Microsoft Word or other programs). At times these carts will not be available due to testing. They must be kept in "testing-ready" condition at all times. Please return carts to the Media Center when not in use.

Click here for Chromebook Cart #11.

Click here for Chromebook Cart #13.



This needs to be done on a Chromebook.

  1. Click this link:

  2. Click ADD PRINTER

From now on, when on a Chromebook, to print:

  1. Click Print

  2. Click CHANGE (Just under Destination: save as PDF)

Select Milford Follow You.