Francis Thompson
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School Information

Grades: 9 - 12

20 Lansdale Avenue
Milford, CT 06460

P: 203-783-3574
F: 203-783-3586

School Times

7:20am    - Normal Opening
9:20am    - Delayed Opening

1:58pm    - Normal Dismissal
11:58am  - Early Dismissal


Freshmen Academy Team

Freshman Academy Team of Jonathan Law

Obj:The goal of the Freshman Academy is to support Jonathan Law’s incoming 9th grade students in navigating a new cultural landscape upon which they will develop the necessary academic and social competencies to succeed in high school.


Contact Information:

If you have a concern about your 9th grader’s progress, feel free to contact the Team leaders.


Corinne Mercaldi -

Dan Young -

Molly Anderson -


Who: Consists of 9th grade teachers from...



Social Studies


World Language



Counseling dept 

Special Education dept


Period 1 meeting time (4x per cycle)

Protocol to Identify Student Academic Needs:

At the time of progress reports and at the end of each quarter, a list is generated of those 9th grade students that have D’s or F’s.

Programs for Support & Recognition of Student Achievement:

Freshman Welcome Day

9th Grade Documentary Contest

Honors Brain Freeze