Courses and Scheduling

Early spring is the time for all students to select the courses they will take the following year. All students should meet with their school counselor during this time.



Once courses are selected, our staff and administration put together a personalized schedule.  Students will receive a preliminary schedule in the mail in early summer with a final schedule that will arrive just before school begins.  Be sure to review these documents to confirm accuracy.

Each year be mindful of the courses already completed, the graduation requirements fulfilled (the assigned school counselor will help with that), and the ones still in need of fulfillment. 

The annual Program of Studies Catalog is a helpful resource which includes course listings, graduation requirements, grading policies, and more. 

Program of Studies for Class of 2023 ONLY



 In order to receive a diploma from the Milford Public School district, students must   successfully fulfill a wide variety of requirements.

 It is important to stay up-to-date on these requirements and to review progress toward   completing them each year.

 We suggest reviewing graduation material on pages 21-24 in the annual Parent Student Handbook.


School Counseling