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Support Services


Students: We are available for you during your study halls.  Ask your study hall teachers for a passes to LASS.  We are located in room 170 which is in between the Nurse and Guidance offices.  As soon as you enter the room, sign in on the lap top. 

** Since there are a limited number of seats, visit us as soon as possible.**

Teachers:  If you are looking to recommend a student for Math or English support, please send an email to one of the support staff below.


The following teachers staff the center throughout the day (with the exception of Advisory/Common Time and 2nd lunch):   

Math (numeracy):  Mr. Bryan Frank                 Mr. Mark Ruzbarsky                    Mrs. Brianna Hull



English (literacy):         Mrs. Louise Goldbeck               Mrs. Carrissa Lucia              Mrs. Lauren Branco          


                                                   Mrs. Molly  Anderson                   Mr. Chris Kulenych 


If you would like to contact us personally, our emails are listed below our names.