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Our Mission Statement:

Provide a learning environment which fosters critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication to prepare all students for the challenges of the 21st century.

Use Foran's learning expectations RUBRIC to assess your collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity skills.

Welcome to the Joseph A. Foran High School Library!!  

Mrs. Pellegrino, Mrs. Haley, and Ms. Marren are here to help you with research, choosing books, computer issues and technology, and anything else you may require assistance with.

2019 Summer Assignments: All Subjects + Summer Reading

The library is a wonderful haven at Foran to learn, read, and study.  Please support your classmates in their learning by being quiet and courteous when you are visiting.  In order to protect the books and computers, you may eat and drink in the hall outside the library doors. 

We look forward to seeing you!!

Contact Us/Hours

  • (203) 783-3502 x2320    
  • (to reach Mrs. Pellegrino, School Librarian)
  • Foran Library's Twitter:  follow us    @ForanLibrary
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During school year 2018-19 the library will typically be open for students:

Monday-Friday:  6:40 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

You may also visit the library during study hall or lunch with a pass from an academic teacher. 

Student Guides and Resources

Student Guides:

Google Classroom

Google Apps in Education

Tech Tips & Resources

Resource Lists for Research Projects in all Subjects


Browse our newest books:  LibraryThing account 

Finding books in the Foran Library: The Destiny Library Catalog and our e-books 

Book Recommendations and Reviews  

Popular High School digital Magazines 

Milford Summer Reading

Foran Book Club: The Foran Book Club invites all students who love reading to join us in sharing your book recommendations (and your writing pieces, if you are an author as well as a reader).  At times our group reads the same title and discusses it over snacks.  At other times we share books from certain genres or hold open discussion on all types of titles. Book Club members help to determine which books to purchase for our library collection, organize a giveaway cart of books for our students, design library displays, create book recommendations lists, choose our yearly "Foran Picks", help at our Barnes & Noble book fair fundraisers, and act as liaisons between the library media program and other Foran clubs. We meet during Common Time on E & F days in the library.  See Mrs. Pellegrino for a pass.  

Video Tutorials

Do we have a particular book?  How to look up books in the Destiny Library Catalog


Looking for a book, but not sure what to read? Where to find great book recommendations

E-Books and Downloadable Audio Books

**If you need a Milford Public Library card, ask Mrs. Pellegrino for an application!**


A complete overview of the Foran Research Process and how to get better internet search results

Use our Databases and E-books and websites/resource lists to find information.

Use Foran's learning expectations RUBRIC to assess your collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity skills.

Video Tutorial:  You need to find some academic quality websites for your research project: Finding academic quality websites using tools in the Foran Media Center

UConn ECE Students: click HERE for UConn resources

College and Career Exploration

Please see our College and Career page for information about test preparation, scholarships & financial aid, college essay writing & interviewing, career exploration materials, and more.

Student Opportunities and Resources

Please explore our Student Opportunities and Resources (SOAR) site, created by the Library Media and Guidance departments. 

  • Academic supports for help with coursework
  • Overview of the school counseling program by grade level
  • The high school Program of Studies for choosing courses
  • What Would You Like to Study exploration guides which lead to suggestions of classes to take at Foran, potential careers in those areas, colleges which offer majors in those subjects, and possible Foran clubs that match with those interests
  • Finding a job, resume building, and career exploration resources
  • College admissions information
  • Test preparation materials for the PSAT, SAT, AP, ACT, and ASVAB exams
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Foran clubs & activities
  • Community service & school leadership opportunities
  • Supports for personal and social needs
  • Healthy coping skills
  • Digital safety; and more!