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**Please note:

All scholarship applications must be handed to Mrs. Skuches by the student in person. You may not email a scholarship into Guidance. This allows Mrs. Skuches the opportunity to review the scholarship application with the student and make sure that all the required documentation is contained in the packet. If the student is missing anything they can be informed immediately so they do not miss the scholarship deadline. 

If you are applying on-line for a scholarship and your transcript is required, see Mrs. Skuches in Guidance at least a week prior to the deadline date to make an appointment to have your transcript uploaded.

If a scholarship requires SAT scores, student must download themselves from


ROTC Navy Scholarship: For students entering a college or university Navy ROTC program.



Scholarships for Class of 2019 Only Below. Click on the Red Title to Reach Application:

Milford Vascular Institute Scholarship: Merit based scholarship for senior who best outlines a detailed plan on how to improve the Milford Community.The plan can address any aspect of the community that you feel needs improvement, be it social services, the environment, education, infrastructure etc. Seniors must be in good standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Application packets available in guidance, deadline to apply March 25.

Bill of Rights We the Students Essay Contest: Essay contest written on "What are the essential qualities of a citizen in your community in 21st century America. Apply yourself online. Deadline to apply February 14, 2019.

Kline Family Scholarship: Senior who plans to attend the University of Connecticut. The student must have a demonstrated record of community service.Guidance deadline to apply April 12, 2019.

The New Haven Mineral Club: Scholarship for senior who plans on studying Geology, Mining, Chemistry, Physcis, metallurgy, Material Science, Engineering and other related science fields. To recieve an application please send a written request to New Haven Mineral Club, Frank Karsmarski, 69 Woodvale Drive, Northford, Ct. 06472. Guidance deadline to apply April 8, 2019.

UCONN 100 Years of Women Scholarship:  A high school senior planning to enroll in the University of Connecticut who, as a role model or advocate, has advanced the role and contributions of women in society. Guidance deadline to apply February 20, 2019.

Connecticut Children's Medical Isidore Wise Scholarship: Seniors who are past or present patients (inpatient or out patient) of the Mediacl Center. Guidance deadline to apply March 8, 2019.

Connecticut PTA and Connecticut Nutmeg PTA Scholarship Awards: Connecticut PTA Shcolarship Award- students who want to teach. Carol Pl Duggan Nutmeg PTA- students who will pursue a career in service to children other than teaching. Joseph G. Pearson Award- students who have been identified with special needs and will be attending post secondary education or training. Guidance deadline to apply February 21, 2019.

Glen Moon Scholarship: Are you interested in a career in education? Scholarships for seniors who are pursuing a teaching degree. Any Connecticut resident who will be a 2019 graduate of a secondary school in Connecticut is eligible to apply, provided he/she is committed to entering the field of education. Click here to get started. Guidance deadline to apply March 22, 2019.

Orazio Di Mauro Foundation: For students who plan on majoring in Engineering. The application is located at the very bottom of the information page. Guidance deadline to apply is April 5, 2019.

Connecticut State USBC Association Scholarship: Student, parent or grandparent must be a member of the USBC to apply and attending college in the fall. Guidance deadline to apply March 11, 2019.

Jim Rose Milford High School Memorial Scholarship Fund: Scholarships for seniors for the purpose of higher education. Students identified with special education needs or a qualified disability are encouraged to apply. Guidance deadline to apply March 29, 2019.

Connecticut Bar Foundation Scholarship: 

The Connecticut Bar Foundation is pleased to announce the Eighteenth Annual James W. Cooper Fellows Quintin Johnstone Essay Contest.  The 2018-2019 topic is “Jumping the Gun – Preventing School Violence”.  As in past years, this year’s topic was chosen for its special relevance to students of high school age.  We believe that participating students will find the topic pertinent and interesting. 

“Jumping the Gun – Preventing School Violence” deals with two student brothers, one a popular jock, and one a social outcast who are seen on a viral video shooting at a gun range.  The school gets word of the video and decides that the video shows that the social outcast brother is a threat and suspends him.  The popular brother is not suspended, despite participating in the same activity. Contest entrants are asked to assume the role of the attorney representing the School Board, which has asked for advice on whether the suspension of the outcast brother was proper and what steps the school can take to prevent school violence, while respecting constitutional rights.  Entries are not to exceed 1000 words and should support their position on this issue.

The contest winner will receive $2,000 and the two runners-up will receive $1,000.  The winning students, school contest coordinators, and principals will receive award plaques which will be presented at a ceremony presided over by Connecticut Supreme Court Justices at the Connecticut Supreme Court

Entry materials for this contest are linked below (click maroon text to access): 

•     Essay Topic - The essay topic is “Jumping the Gun – Preventing School Violence”

•     Contest Rules - A copy of these rules should be given to each student who will be participating in the contest. 

•     Judging Criteria and Procedures - This sets forth the criteria that will be used to evaluate the entries submitted to the Foundation.

•     Submittal Form - This form should be completed by the teacher(s)/counselor(s) from each school and must accompany the entry packet.

•     Home-School Submittal Form - This form should be completed by the home-schooler’s parent/guardian and must accompany the entry packet.

•     Student Entry and Release Form - The Student Entry and Release Form must be submitted with each student’s entry packet. 

•     Home-School Student Entry and Release Form - The Home-School Student Entry and Release Form must be submitted with the home-schooler’s entry packet. 

•     Parent or Guardian Release Form - If the student is under 18 years of age, this form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian of the student-writer of the entry and submitted with the entry packet. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Connecticut Bar Foundation at 860-722-2494 or ctbf@cbf-1.orgGuidance deadline to apply February 14, 2019.

Connecticut Nurserymen's Foundation: Three individual scholarships all using the same application, the application is dated 2017. The scholarships are for students who will major in the field of Horticulture. The Lud and Marie Hoofman Scholarship criteria are good scholastic standing and financial need. The Howard Jennings Scholarship is for students who must be studying Horticulture at UConn. Merit Scholarship is for non-traditional learners. Guidance deadline to apply February 25, 2019.

Connecticut Building Congress Scholarship: Students interested in studying Architecture, Construction Engineering, Construction Management, Surveying, Planning or other construction related fieldsDeadline to apply March 1, 2019.

DAR Scholarships: Click on the DAR link to access scholarship opportunities in the following areas of study. Scholarship opportunities listed below. Guidance deadline to apply for any scholarship February 7, 2019.

Academic Scholarship, American History Scholarship, Nursing Scholarships, Occupational Therapy,  Medical Scholarship, Science, Math and English Scholarship, Music Scholarship.

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship: Students who demonstrate financial need and come from an underrepresented group or underserved community will be eligible to receive a Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship.  Guidance deadline to apply March 5, 2019.

The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship: For students with financial need who display academic achievement and commitment to serving others, a consistant history of part-time work, grit and passion for overcoming obstacles and/or achieving goals, and leadership qualities. Guidance deadline to apply for Early Response Deadline is March 26, 2019, Regular Deadline is April 24, 2019. 

Bohdan Kolinsky Memorial Scholarship: 

Carter Mario Cares:  Presentation required, students interested in studying law. Guidance deadline to apply March 22, 2019. 

Connecticut Chapter of the American Fire Sprinkler Association: Essay "Making the Case for Home Fire Sprinkler Systems". Guidance deadline to apply May 1, 2019.

Milton Fisher Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity: Apply for this scholarship if you are a student who has solved an artistic, scientific, or technical problem in a new or unusual way, or who has come up with a distinctive solution to a problem faced by your community. Guidance deadline is April 12, 2019.

Mary C. Rawlins Scholarship: Connecticut Association of Diversity and Equity Professionals. Guidance deadline to apply March 8, 2019. 

Big Y Scholarship: If you need to upload a transcript please make an appointment with Mrs. Skuches. Guidance deadline February 1, 2019.

FIDM National Scholarship Competition: National scholarship competition for all majors. Guidance deadline to apply March 22, 2019.

Connecticut Restaurant Association Scholarship: Students majoring in careers such as Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management or affliated degrees. Guidance deadline March 25, 2019. 

WACE Scholarships: Scholarships for students who will be attending the following colleges:


 Application deadlines for each school varies and is listed in the application. 

Scholarship Searches:

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You can also register with any of the scholarship websites listed below.  Upon completing a questionnaire, they will e-mail you with scholarships you may qualify for. Click on the title to be brought to the scholarship website.

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