Last Updated: June 12, 2020

**Please note:

All scholarship applications must be handed to Mrs. Skuches by the student in person. You may not email a scholarship into Guidance. This allows Mrs. Skuches the opportunity to review the scholarship application with the student and make sure that all the required documentation is contained in the packet. If the student is missing anything they can be informed immediately so they do not miss the scholarship deadline. 

If you are applying on-line for a scholarship and your transcript is required, see Mrs. Skuches in Guidance at least a week prior to the deadline date to make an appointment to have your transcript uploaded.

If a scholarship requires SAT scores, student must download themselves from

ROTC Navy Scholarship: For students entering a college or university Navy ROTC program.

Scholarships for Class of 2020 Only Below. Click on the Red Title to Reach Application:  


Connecticut Association of Latinos: Seniors with Latino heritage. School Counseling deadline to apply June, 19, 2020.

Scholarships for Students with disAbilities: ADHD, learning, hearing, sight. School Counseling deadline is 1 week prior to the application deadline. Scholarship: Seniors who play chess. Essay requirement.

 American Autism Society: Scholarships for student of siblings with autism. All scholarships are due to school counseling one week prior to scholarship deadline.

The American Autism Association: The American Autism Association understands how costly having a family member on the autism spectrum can be. There are a number of grants and scholarships offered around the country to children and adults on the spectrum. Click on the red link to access various types of funding your family may be applicable for. Additionally, a list of tips to help walk you through the application process. All scholarships are due to guidance one week prior to deadline.

To find grants and scholarships available in your local area, contact the by clicking on the red title: Autism Help Hotline.

Siblings of Autism: Siblings of Autism is dedicated to supporting the siblings of individuals on the autism spectrum through scholarships, respite funds, and outreach programs. Please remember to hand in all scholarship materials to guidance one week prior to scholarship deadline.

Guide to College Website: Inside the article are the links to dozens of scholarship opportunities. Please remember you must apply two weeks prior to any scholarship deadline to allow time for your supporting documentation to be sent.

Imagine America Scholarship: Technical school scholarship. Participating institutions include Porter and Chester, Lincoln Tech and UTI.

The best scholarship search platforms of 2020. Click on the title to reach the site.