Courses and Scheduling

High School Course Selection Site 

Whether you're an 8th grade student in middle school or a current Foran High School student, early spring is the time for all students to select the courses they will take the following year.

The journey for every student begins with the release of the annual Program of Studies Catalog which includes valuable information regarding this process.  Courses, graduation requirements, grading policies, and much, much more can be found in this document.  

It is very important that you meet with your guidance counselor during this time so she may assist you in selecting the courses that are just right for you.

Once you've selected the courses you will take in the fall, our School Counseling staff as well as administration begin the work of putting together your schedule.  You will receive a preliminary schedule in early summer with a final schedule that will available just before school begins.  Make sure you review these documents when you receive them to make sure they are accurate and complete.

Remember, each year you must be mindful of the courses you have taken (and received credit for), the graduation requirements you've fulfilled (your School counselor will help you with that) and the ones you still need to fulfill.  Your School Counselor is there to help make sure you succeed!