Academic Distinctions

Procedures for National Honor Society Entrance Eligibility & Process:

Note: The process for determining eligibility for the National Honor Society was amended on September 2015 to account for the changes to the Milford Public Schools grading scale to ensure that Milford Public Schools abide by the national requirement for a 3.0-grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Both Foran and Law use the same entrance criteria. 

Determination of Eligibility:

  • Students are eligible for entrance as juniors and seniors based on the culminating weighted GPA for the end of their previous academic year or quarter prior to the start of the selection process. Foran begins its selection process in the fall of the academic year based on the student’s cumulative weighted average at the end of the previous academic year. Law begins their process in the spring of the current academic year based on the student’s weighted cumulative average at the end of the first semester of the current academic year. 
  • In all cases, eligible juniors and seniors must have a cumulative weighted average of a 4.25 on the Milford Public Schools grading scale.

Once students are determined to be eligible to apply:  

  • They are provided an application to complete which focuses on their leadership, service, and character. Students may also need to obtain recommendations from faculty and/or staff to attest to the student’s leadership, service, and character.
  • The recommendations/evaluations are routed directly to the organization’s advisor so staff is free to share   their views openly. 
  • The applications are then compiled and presented anonymously to a 5 member faculty council. The council members - also remain anonymous - meet and discuss the merits of each application and make a determination based on the information presented.
  • Students are then informed of the council’s decision by the faculty advisor and a letter is mailed to their home or delivered to their advisory. If a student wishes to appeal the decision made by the council, they are afforded the opportunity to meet with the advisor and present their case which will be relayed to the administration for decision. 

Foran Faculty Advisor


CTE Career Pathways

A career pathway is characterized by concentration in a particular field of study through a sequence of courses which lead to the development of a particular set of knowledge and skills aligned with career interests. The pathway will culminate in a student-driven learning experience. Students who hold a specific GPA and complete the required sequence of classes are eligible for special designations upon completion of career pathways.
Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching, and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business. Entrepreneurs, innovators, and small businesses play key roles in our economy. Students in this pathway will gain an understanding of the business and marketing principles necessary to start and operate a business while developing an awareness of the opportunities for small business ownership and the planning skills needed to open a small business. Completion of the Entrepreneurship and Business Management Pathway requires a minimum of 3.0 credits in specified business, mathematic, and social studies courses. For more detailed information on this pathway, click on link below.


Computer Science encompasses the study of computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their hardware and software designs, their applications, and their impact on society. The computer science pathway will prepare students for training, college, and careers in computer science fields. The pathway consists of both required and elective courses. All students are able to enroll in computer science courses; however a student that chooses the Computer Science Pathway (CS Scholars Program) is required to complete a minimum of 3.0 credits in specific courses. For more detailed information on this pathway, please see link below.



Civic and Global Engagement Pathway

The Connecticut State Dept. of Education has developed a new academic designation for global competence and civic engagement. If students pursue and successfully complete this program, they will receive this special designation on their high school transcript documenting their receipt of a Global Engagement Certificate upon graduation.

1. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of 7.0 credits in coursework with a global focus. 3.0 Credits: World Language (taken in high school) 4.0 Credits: ELA/Science/Social Studies (w/ global focus) 2. PARTICIPATION IN A GLOBALLY-FOCUSED CLUB OR EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY (SCHOOL-BASED) 3. COMPLETION OF A GLOBAL SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT. See link below for more information.


Graduation with Distinction Community Service


Upon graduation, students who have completed 200 hours or more of community service between the summer of freshman year and May 01 (05/01/2021) of senior year will be awarded a certificate with Distinction for Community Service.


Community service is voluntary time without compensation spent on selfless acts which benefit the school community and/or the wider community.  Community service can be fulfilled in the service of a school, community, religious affiliation or non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The following activities are excluded:

  • Community service for school activities that are self-serving to the student or organization, i.e. CERTO, sports team manager/statisticians and regular organization meetings.
  • Court mandated community service.
  • Community service which promotes the teaching of religion, i.e. religious instruction.
  • Community service performed for a for profit organization, i.e. dance school.


Ø  The Milford Board of Education Form (on back) is the preferable means of recording hours.  However, certain providers of hours can attest to a student’s participation with a testimonial letter or their own form which must be attached to this form.  Volunteer Adult Coordinator Signatures or Club Advisors (no club Officers) will be accepted, other than a relative (unless the relative is the chair of an event), who can attest to the student’s participation and hours. No photocopy, original signature is needed on form.

Ø  A separate form must be completed for each volunteer organization/project. Original coordinators or Club Advisors signature only (Club Officers signature not accepted) is needed; no photo copies will be accepted.

Ø  All community service hours must be returned no later than May 31, 2021.  (There will be no exceptions or extensions.)

Ø  Guidelines and additional forms for community service hours may be found on the Foran High website, Guidance Office, Main Office, and the Parent/Student Handbook available online at or