Citing Sources/MLA

The research process at Joseph A. Foran High School

Follow these links to help you locate information, present your work, and correctly cite your sources. 

Overview of the Research & Writing Process

1. Determining topic & keyword

2. How to locate trustworthy, academic quality resources

3. How to locate images, videos, and other materials that are NOT copyright protected: Creative Commons 

4. How to avoid plagiarism

5. What kinds of technology tools can you possibly use to demonstrate your information?

6. How to create a document and Works Cited page in MLA format

7. How to create citations (in-text and Works Cited page)

Foran Research Process Checklist 

Use Foran's learning expectations RUBRIC to assess your collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity skills.

What you need to know about College Level Research (it also applies to research at Foran!) 

Milford Public Schools Learning Expectations rubric (assesses Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, & Creativity)