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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Class of 2020-2022

In order to receive a diploma from the Milford Public School district, students must successfully fulfill a wide variety of requirements.  It is important to stay up-to-date on these requirements and to review your progress toward filling them each year.

In order to graduate from the Milford Public Schools, a student must acquire 25 credits including, but not limited to:

  • 4.0 credits of English 
  • 4.0 credits of Mathematics (including 1.0 in Algebra)
  • 3.0 credits of Social Studies (including 1.0 in U.S. History, .5 in Civics and .5 in Global)
  • 3.0 credits of Science
  • 1.0 credit of Physical Education
  • 0.5 credit of Health
  • 1.5 credits in vocational/arts electives (Business, Family & Consumer Science, Music, Technology or Visual Arts
  • 0.3 credits through successful completion of performance standards in writing, math, and literacy  

We suggest you review the material in the annual  Program of Studies, as well as the annual Parent Student Handbook, found under "Courses & Scheduling" for more information on graduation requirements.  

Graduation Requirements

For the Class of 2023
In accordance with the Board of Education, commencing with the graduating class of 2023 (incoming class of 2019-2020), in order to graduate and be granted a diploma, students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of twenty-five (25) credits, including not fewer than:
 9 credits in the humanities, including civics and the arts;
 9 credits in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
 1 credit in physical education and wellness;
 1 credit in health and safety education;
 1 credit in world languages and
 1 credit in a mastery-based diploma assessment Humanities (Including Civics, The Arts and World Language) 9.0 Credits
Social Studies
3.0 (1.0 United States/American History, .5 Civics, .5 Global Studies)
Courses that would fulfill the additional 2 credits required in Humanities & the Arts (See Program of Studies for specific courses that fulfill this requirement)
2.0 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) 9.0 Credits
3.0 (Including 1.0 The Living Earth & 1.0 Chemistry and the Earth System)

4.0 (Including at least 1.0 credit of Algebra)
Courses that would fulfill the additional 2 credits required in STEM (See Program of Studies for specific courses that fulfill this requirement)
Student Development & Wellness 2.0 Credits
Health & Safety
PE & Wellness
1.0 World Language 1.0 Credit Mastery Based Diploma Assessment 1.0 Credit Total Credits 25
Please note: With the exception of Algebra I, high school courses that are completed during middle school do not count for towards specific requirements outlined above but do count towards the total 25 credits.