Given the fact that we are involved in a very fluid system which is tethered to the health and wellness of our community, there may be a time when we must move to another Tier (involving Distance Learning) without much notice. The implementation and use of technology will be tantamount to our success as we reopen in the fall.

Every student will continue to have a digital device (Chromebook) to use during the school day and to bring home with them at the end of the school day.  Should the district need to transition to a remote model, students will use the district-provided device for access to ongoing learning.

Best Practices
The district established high quality instructional technology tools which allow teachers to make informed professional judgement around the use of instructional technology.

Google Classroom
All teachers will establish Google Classrooms at the start of the school year. Teachers will be expected to utilize Google Classrooms on a regular basis to communicate with families and house student work, thus ensuring students are fluent in Google Classroom.

Professional Development 
All teachers will engage in professional learning on how to best implement instructional technology models to support in-person, hybrid, and virtual instruction.

Continued Support System
MPS will continue to deploy our technology team as well as our IT department to meet the varying needs of all Milford learners.