In preparation for the full reopening of schools, our Facilities team will perform deep cleaning and sanitizing of all ‘high touch’ hard surfaces.  The team will develop a cleaning and disinfecting plan/schedule, identifying the areas needing to be cleaned, the products to be used, the personal protective equipment (PPE) that is required, and the person responsible.

Door knobs or handles, light switches and cover plates, paper towel dispensers, faucet handles, toilet and urinal flush levers, toilet and urinal partitions and doors (including knobs, levers, or slides).

Refrigerator door handles, microwave/warmer door handles, tabletops, door knobs or handles, light switches and cover plates, bottle-filling stations.

Classrooms and Offices
Doorknobs and handles, light switches and cover plates, telephones/intercoms, desktop surfaces, desk chairs, and other commonly touched items (keyboards, touch screens, copiers, mouse).

Other Locations
Elevator buttons, stairway handrails, doorknobs, switches, handles.