Classroom Layout

State guidance requires social distancing of student work spaces to a minimum of 6 feet, (when feasible). An analysis of every classroom in all fourteen school buildings has been conducted* to determine our expected student capacity within each school building.  The design of the classroom and school building spaces were evaluated to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines. 

    The review revealed we can fit 16-20 students in each classroom, on average.  

    *  The analysis was conducted by the MPS Director of Facilities and staff members of the Milford Health Department. 

Additional requirements coming forth from the analysis include:

►    Desks will be arranged to face same way - or- students will only sit on one side of the table, all facing the same way, if desk placement is not possible (e.g. science labs)

►    Requisite amount of space will be planned for social distancing between teacher and students 

►    Physical barriers may be used to separate distinct areas of the classroom (e.g. teacher’s desk)

►    Conditions may require instruction and/or services to be delivered in non-traditional spaces (e.g. cafeteria, multi-purpose areas, conference rooms) in consultation with the district Operations/Facilities Office

►    Additional furniture items (desks/chairs) have been ordered to ensure individual student social distancing requirements (6’).