Documents You Will Need

Use the links below to find information to complete your task for your water unit:

Environmental Protection Begins With You (, Connecticut DEP=Department of Environmental Protection)
Long Island Sound Study - Click on Get Involved>What Can You Do? Also click on General Info and check out the links.
Water and the Environment - Go to the Table of Contents on page 5.  Water Quality - pages 44 - 59.

General Information

Causes of Water Pollution

EPA Water

Non-point sources of Pollutions-Kid   Friendly Site

Water and the Environment

Water Resources of US

All About Water and Pollution for Kids and Teachers

EPA Water

Water Pollution Prevention


American Geosciences Institute Slideshows: Water and Environment

USGS Water Science for Schools

ThinkQuest-Causes of Pollution

Uses of oil in the house

EPA Water Student Center

Water Pollution Facts

Milford Information

Fish Toxins

Milford Water   Pollution Scorecard   

The Sound   Book



New   Haven Clean Water Act


New York Times – Polluters Near You



Gulf Coast Oil Disaster

Oil Pollution

Household Pollutants








More Chlorine


All About Garbage



Animal Waste Map (sources)

Exhaust: Carbon Monoxide

EPA-Boating Pollution Tips

Animal Waste


Exhaust-Acid Rain

Oil/Gas General Information




Marine Debris Prevention      

Some Solutions

Oil Pollution Solution



Disposal of Oil/Antifreeze -Milford CT


Solutions-What You Can Do Garbage Solution: Recycling

Organic Foods


Benefits of Organic Food


How to Clean Our Water

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