Book Club

Advisor: Janice Pellegrino (

The meeting time for Book Club is every E & F Common Time in the library. 

The Foran Book Club invites all students who love reading to join us in sharing your book recommendations (and your writing pieces, if you are an author as well as a reader).  At times our group reads the same title and discusses it over snacks.  At other times we share books from certain genres or hold open discussion on all types of titles. Book Club members help to determine which books to purchase for our library collection, organize a giveaway cart of books for our students, design library displays, create book recommendations lists, choose our yearly "Foran Picks", help at our Barnes & Noble book fair fundraisers, and act as liaisons between the library media program and other Foran clubs.  

Meetings are held as announced after school in the Media Center.

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