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As a public school, we will provide all materials needed for the school year. However, I know that students often like to purchase their own school supplies as a part of that back-to-school tradition. The following is a list of suggested supplies. Again, you are not required to purchase them as I will also have supplies in the classroom. If you choose to purchase your own supplies, please bring them on the first day of school.

Students do not need to buy/bring any folders or notebooks. I have already purchased and labeled these for your child to help with organization. 


  • 3-4 Wooden #2 pencils
  • Pens (1 Blue, 1 Black, and 1 Red - Students will write with blue or black and self-correct with red. I correct with green or purple.)
  • 1 large eraser
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 black dry erase markers
  • 1 black permanent marker
  • 1 clean, black sock (This will be used as an eraser for the dry erase markers)
  • 1 box of colored pencils, crayons, OR markers (Your preference - the standard 10-12 classic colors will suffice. Any more will not fit in our pencil cases and will be sent home to kept in backpacks) 
  • Small sticky notes for reading
There are some additional items that would be helpful in keeping our classroom as clean and germ-free as possible.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could donate any of the following items: 
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Hand soap
  • Paper towels


We will have a designated snack time each day. *Due to our scheduled special and lunch times snack will be first thing in the morning each day.* Please pack a healthy snack for your child. There can be no sharing of snacks. Your child will be allowed to keep a resealable bottle of water at or in their desk, but no other beverage will be allowed outside of snack time.

Our early lunch and long afternoon often leads to hungry tummies mid day. We will have a very short afternoon snack around 1/1:30 pm each day. 

Reading Logs

Each student will be responsible for keeping a record of their assigned daily minimum of 20 minutes of reading. This log should stay home in a safe place over the week. Their reading log will be checked on MONDAYS as a part of their homework. Students who turn in completed logs on their due date will earn pom-poms to be used towards in-class incentives. 

Scholastic Reading Club 

I will periodically send home Scholastic Reading Club flyers to browse with your child. The Scholastic Reading Club is a great way to get your child excited about reading, in addition to helping supply our classroom with new books!

You can order two ways:

1. Complete the order form found on the back of the flyer and send it in with a check for the exact amount payable to "Scholastic Reading Clubs"

2. Order directly online at

Class Activation Code: LZB8C 

Orders (both online and by check) will be sent on the due date noted on the flyer. 

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