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Student Behavior Expectations

In our classroom we will be using the “Red, Yellow, and Green Light” behavioral system.

Green: Each day the children will begin with their clothespin on green.

Yellow: If a child is making a poor choice they will receive a reminder before having to move their name to yellow. Their clothespin will be moved after one reminder and the poor choice is made again.

Red: If a child is still choosing to make poor choices, they will then move their name to red. Once a child is on red a “Code of Conduct” will need to be sent home explaining what the child has done causing his/her name to be moved to red. The note will need to be signed and returned the following day. This is a school wide policy and will need to be taken very seriously.

I will be reviewing these expexctations through out the month of September.  I will enforce the plan starting in October when the children are well aware of what the expectations are.  I will also review these expectations with parents at Open House. 


As a school, we will all follow our school code:

“Take care of yourself, Take care of each other,

Take care of our school.”

A Typical Kindergartener's Day:

Kindergartners take part in many different programs during the day.  We have fundations to help learn our letters, sounds and how to write letters correctly.  We have Math Investigations which allows the children to explore and learn in math.  We have writing four days a week and believe it or not, your child will be writing stories this year! We have Shared Reading which introduces ways to take care of books, and how to interpret text and understand text.  Your child will be an author, an illustrator, a mathematician, an active learner during the school day.  We will also have time to play where the children will continue to practice how to share and take turns.  This is an example of what their day may look like:




Literacy Centers/Guided Reading/Shared Reading





Rest Time


Science/Social Studies

Choice Time

Read Aloud

***Computer Lab -3 times a week***

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