Homeroom is from 7:50-7:55. You are welcome to come on school property at 7:30.  On bad weather days you will come into the building and wait outside the classroom door until I invite you in. On nice days you are to report to the basketball court blacktop and line up with your homeroom. You will be told when to come in and they you must come in quickly and get yourself ready for the morning.

You will come back after period 3 to get what you need for periods 4-6. You will come back at the end of 6th to pack up for the day and only take what you need for period 7.  Look under your locker magnet daily to see if you have any "mail."


As your homeroom teacher I get any and all notes that you have. I also give you any notices and notes. Please give them to me in that morning time.

Be sure you are prepared for the day by keeping your locker neat and organized. Always follow the HMS Value System and we will have  a great year!



Remember that you can use your morning time to go to the library.  Also learning centers are once or twice a week.  This is an excellent time to catch up on work, see a teacher for extra help, study, read, etc. Use this time wisely!

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