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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Today was C day...just to help you stay on track. Please read through this week's Gazette and visit the homework page. Also, don't forget to read Mrs. Currier's email.  It contains very important information about school events and district information.  

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New News: (keep reading below for the reminders section):

~ Report Cards are coming home today. Please keep the report card and SIGN AND RETURN the envelope.

~There is NO PTA meeting in December

~ Wednesday 12/13 is Barnes and Nobel Day please refer to the notice that was sent home.

~D.A.R.E. graduation is 12/18 at 6pm at Parsons.


Top Dog Focus Trait:


Top Dog Book:

Anh's Anger




~ If you have not done so already, please join the PTA.  You can also do this using My SchoolBucks.

~ In case you missed the note from the nurse we are a NUT FREE classroom.  This includes peanuts and tree nuts. No nutella products at

snack time either. 

~ Please wear sneakers to school every day.  With the rotating schedule and added specials it is best to wear sneakers everyday.  This will ensure that your child will not miss PE because of improper footwear. Sneakers are also the best footwear for the playground. 


~WATER BOTTLES:  I encourage you to send a water bottle to school which your child can refill during the day.  Staying hydrated is important especially because it is still warm out.  Please DO NOT send sports drinks or juice filled water bottles. 


~ Please read Mrs. Currier's emails.



Math: What's that Portion- The focus of the work on addition and subtraction of fractions in this unit is on visualizing and reasoning about fraction equivalents and relationships.  By using multiple representations, students enrich their understanding of fraction relationships. Students use rectangles, rotation on a clock and the number line as ways of visualizing addition and subtraction of fractions. Students play games in which they decompose fractions into combinations of fractions and solve problems in real-world contexts. This unit lasts approximately 4 weeks. 

Reading:Determining Theme Through Character Change - Students will identify characters' traits through an analysis of behaviors, including actions, dialogue, internal thinking and feelings; analyze characters' behaviors, actions, and thoughts in order to draw inferences about characters; develop and revise theories about characters; analyze characters' relationships and their point of view; work with partners to share and grow theories about characters, using evidence from the text; use information about characters to determine theme; analyze how authors within genres approach similar themes and use information about characters to determine the author's message and consider how that connects to their own lives. This unit takes approximately 4 weeks to complete.

Writing:  Unit 1 - Students will understand themselves as writers and as members of a writing community.  They will be able to participate in a writers workshop utilizing the writing process and start to identify their strengths and weaknesses as writers.  They will engage in collaborative discussions about memoirs.  They will explore mentor text to find ideas, use descriptive details and other narrative techniques.  This unit will last through the first trimester. 

Spelling: Unit 12 - Review of Units 7-11 The students will assess their progress in understanding the spelling strategies and patterns that they learned in Units 7-11. They will connect the strategies to new words.  Students will also write new words that relate to the learned spelling strategies in the last 5 units.  Each unit will last one week. 

Science: The students will understand how the position of the Earth in the solar system affects conditions on Earth. They will explain how light from the Sun and Earth's rotation causes day and night; construct models demonstrating Earth's rotation on its axis, the moons revolution around the Earth and the Earth and moon revolving around the Sun; differentiate between the Sun as a source of light and the moon as a reflection of that light; observe and record the moon's appearance over time and analyze findings to determine the monthly sequence of changes in its appearance and finally relate the moon phases to changes in the moon's position relative to the Earth and Sun during its 29-day revolution around the Earth. This unit will last through the first trimester.

Social Studies: Unit Overview: The settlement and development of the 13 American colonies in North America. The students will identify the economic, political, or socio-cultural motivations for English settlement; explain how and why the New England colonies developed; compare and contrast the motivations for founding the Middle colonies with the motivations for founding the New England colonies; explain how and why the Southern colonies developed, compare the political, economic, and social characteristics of the colonial regions, as well as describe the introduction, impact, and role of trade, including slavery, in the colonies.



~ Lunch time: 12:25-12:55



A Day: Art

B Day: Physical Education

C Day: Media

D Day: Music


Have a fabulous week!

Hugs and love,

~Ms. Wayne



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