7th grade – Social Studies – Geographic History


Geography Text:

Exploring Our World, Glencoe Publishing: 2008.


Recommended materials for class:

Writing utensils, Social Studies section in a notebook, atlas, and

assignment pad



Students are graded on the following: Projects, Exams, Quizzes, Homework.

Refer to the MBOE Middle School Edition handbook for information about homework and make-up work policies. MPS grading policy can be found on our school website.

Tests 35%, Quizzes 25%, Projects 30%, Homework/Classwork 10%


DOG (Daily Oral Geography): DOG questions are displayed on the TV everyday as students enter the classroom. Students are responsible for writing and answering them in the DOG section of their notebook, so we can discuss them at the start of class. This is why the Atlas is so handy.


Course Outline: All Social Studies classes will be studying the geography and history of the major civilizations of the eastern hemisphere including Australia, China, Japan, India, Africa and the Middle East over the course of this year.


Class Expectations: In accordance with district policies, all students are expected to be safe, respectful and accountable during all class sessions. As such, students are expected to come to class prepared. Specifically, students are expected to bring all class materials including notebooks, writing utensils, and completed homework assignments. Grades are based on exams, quizzes, projects, presentations, homework, and class work. Please check in with your child to see how they are doing. Students should also be checking their grades on PowerSchool weekly. Your child should always know where he/she stands. Students are required to write their daily assignments and due dates in their assignment pad.


All homework for Team 3 students is posted on the team website.

All homework for Team 4 students is posted on the team website.


Extra Help: Should your son or daughter need extra help please make sure they let us know. Help is available every morning at 7:30 AM. We encourage the students to come in for extra help any day.

We are also available in the afternoon by appointment (except Wednesday).


Current Events: Please encourage your child to read the newspaper or watch the news. Current events are an instrumental part of the curriculum and are to be incorporated as needed.


We are a TEAM – parents, teachers, and students. When in doubt please send an email, give me a call (783-3559), or send a note in with your child. Open communication is the key to your child’s success.

I look forward to working together with you!


C. Storey - Team 3 – Room 15 – cstorey@milforded.org


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