Study Smart!

Here are some ideas for active ways to study. You owe it to yourself to find and use study techniques that really work for you!


*Notecards: A lot of students said that this is their favorite way to study. You can write a question or a vocabulary word on one side, and then write the answer or meaning on the back. This is a good way to quiz yourself.

            You could vary this a little by putting the question or term on one card and the answer or meaning on another card. Number each pair so you know which ones go together. Then shuffle them and find the pairs. Or, you could number the cards on the same side as the writing and create a Memory-type game. In this case, you would spread out all the cards face down, and turn over two at a time. Read them, and if they match you keep the pair.


*Rewriting notes: Rewriting your notes each night can help you to make sure that your notes are complete and easy for you to understand. The people that I have known who do this have scored very well on tests.


*Mneumonic Devices: If you need to memorize a list of terms, especially if they have to be in a certain order, this is great. You take the first letter of each term and make a sentence. For example, to remember the Metric System, some people use

         “King Henry died. Mother didn’t care much.”

           Kilo Hecto Deka meter deci centi milli


*Rhymes and Songs: Anything that you can put into a rhyme or a song will be easier to remember, because it is “catchy”.


*Concept Maps: Visually organize the information by putting the main idea in a circle in the middle of the page, and then adding supporting details in smaller circles, connected by lines. This can be useful because you will then have a picture of how all the information fits together, and it may be easier to remember.


Cornell Notes: When you read, take notes in the following way. First, skim the passage, so you know what to expect. Then organize your note papers like this:

Topic and pages

This format can help you to choose the most useful   information. Summarizing then helps you   to think about the big picture and say it in a simpler way.

Key terms

Notes, definitions,

Important ideas



Summary of notes




Get someone to quiz you: It can be more fun to study with someone else. Find someone who either already knows the information or can refer to your notes or book to ask you relevant questions. They should be able to tell you if you are right, and help you if you are not. You could also play the memory flash card game with a friend.


Think of questions that will likely be on the quiz or test, and try to answer them: Then check your answers and add more information, using your book or notes.

What other ways can you think of that help you study??

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