November 2014: Using an infographic, the 7th grade Social Studies students will compare and contrast the relationship between European colonists and indigenous populations around the world. 


You and your colleagues have been asked by the NSDC (National Sorry Day Committee) to provide information as to how the reparations paid to the Aborigines compares with that paid to other cultures that have been hurt by colonial powers.




There is disagreement on the committee as to whether the aborigines have gotten what they deserve considering the extent of their suffering.

You must first research the reparations paid to the Aborigines. Then you must research what if any compensation has been paid out to another culture. You will create a visual for your visit to the committee in the form of an infographic that you will display as you present your findings and present your conclusion as to which of the two cultures was underserved.


Performance Task: Japan

Final Product due: Monday, April 15, 2013

Task: Complete the compulsory (required) assignment as well as 2 others of your choice (3 total).

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