* At the beginning of each week your child will receive  homework to be completed and returned every Friday.


*  There will be two assignments to go along with the Fundations Unit we are working on that week.  There will also be two math assignments that will reinforce a skill we are doing in Math Investigations.  This may be a worksheet or a game to complete with your child.


*  Every child should be reading for at least 15 minutes each night.  Your child will come home with a Take Home Reading Bag.  This bag will have books your child has already had an opportunity to read throughout the previous week.  Please return on Friday with the Reading Log completed.  If your child forgets to return the bag on Friday they will have the same bag for the following week.  We exchange our books in our Just Right Bags on Friday and some of those books are placed in their Take Home Reading Bag.


*  If the homework is not returned on Friday, a reminder will be sent home.  It is important to return the homework each week to encourage your First Grader to be responsible.


*  Please return the completed homework on Friday.  

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