Academics are given the highest priority in the work we do here. For specific academic information relating to your student's classroom, we suggest you visit his/her teacher's website. 

For information regarding our performance on state assessments, there are three primary sources we suggest for your viewing.  Each of these are described below; click on the link associated with each.

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Report/NCLB
The AYP Report shows assessment data reflecting academic performance at our school.  This report is sometimes known as the NCLB report.  Information contained here shows how schools in Connecticut are progressing toward a set of pre-determined benchmarks to reach the goal of 100% proficiency in math and literacy by 2014.

Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT): Grades 3 - 8
Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT): Grade 10
The data for this report comes from the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) and the Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT).  The CMT is administered to all students, Grades 3 - 8, while the CAPT is administered to students in Grade 10 only.


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