Ms. MacAllister's Homework Expectations

Homework is an important extension of the work that we do in class. It provides the practice necessary to build a student’s confidence with new skills and materials. Work done at home should reflect the student’s best effort. Incomplete or hastily done homework may be sent back home to be redone. Occasionally busy schedules or other unexpected events may prevent your child from completing an assignment on time. If this is the case, please send in a note so that I can work with your child to make other arrangements. On a typical night, your child’s homework will include the following:

Reading: Each student is required to read at least twenty minutes per night. Reading minutes should be logged daily in the student planner. Your child can read out loud to parents or siblings or the reading can be done independently. Reading selections can include materials other than books such as magazines or newspaper articles. Your child should choose books at their reading level. 

Vocabulary Work: Weekly vocabulary homework will be assigned. Vocabulary words will support curriculum learning. For example, vocabulary words may be related to The Thirteen Colonies or reading and writing units.

Projects: At times throughout the year, special projects will be assigned to your child. Projects are usually assigned with approximately a month provided for the students to complete the assignment. Plenty of in-school direction and notification will be given for these assignments!


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