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List of Database Passwords and Academic Search Tools

How to Locate Academic-Quality Websites

How to Evaluate a Website

Things to Consider in Determining Resource Quality

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General Health Websites

KidsHealth Teen Section

Internet Public Library Health Resources

Infotopia Health Links

Digital Health Resources

Merck Manual of Health

Drugs & Alcohol


National Institute on Drug Abuse

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Prescription Drugs

National Drug Control Policy

Street Drugs

Kids Health - Teen

Prescription Drugs

The Internet Drug Index

MedLine Plus Drug Info

Center for Substance Abuse Research

U.S. National Library of Medicine

    VIDEO Clips:

     From 20/20 "Young Parents Choosing Between Heroin and Getting Clean"

                       "This 9-Year-Old Trained in Saving People From Heroin Overdoses"

                       "Family Members Describe Losing Kids, Siblings to Heroin Addiction"

                       "Students Learn How to Stop Heroin Overdoses"

                       "How Heroin Has Impacted Your State"

                       "The Devasting Effects Heroin Has on the Body and Mind"

                       "Inside the Growing Heroin Epidemic in America"

                       "History of Heroin in America: In a Minute"

                       "Resources for Heroin & Opioid Addiction, Treatment and Support"

                       "Man Addicted to Heroin Could Lose Family - Part 1"

                       "Surviving 48 Hours Until Rehab - Part 2"

                       "Bumpy Road to Recovery - Part 3"

                       "The Youngest Victims of the Heroin Epidemic - Part 4"

                       "Young Family Separated When Dad's Past Comes Back to Haunt Them - Part 5"

                       "The Community Fights Back Against an Epidemic - Part 6"


Body and Mind Page of Centers of Disease Control

MedLine Plus

Rare Disease Research

U.S. National Library of Medicine



Choose My Plate

Food and Drug Administration

National Institutes of Health

American Medical Association

American Diabetes Association

Mental Health

National Mental Health Association

The National Council for Behavioral Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Institute of Mental Health





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