Welcome to the 3rd grade at Pumpkin Delight!

You are in a brand new school this year and I am so happy to be able to share Music with you!

Our classes will be filled with a variety of activities.  We will be using our singing voices, playing instruments and using our bodies to help us understand how Music works. 

We will continue to learn about RHYTHM (du, du-de, du-da-di, du-di) and pitch.  We will be listening to all kinds of music and talking, writing and even drawing about it. 

3rd grade students learn about the instruments of the Orchestra (and in bands, too!) and we will use our classroom instrument to play along with songs we sing.

Recorders are an instrument that we will all begin to learn to play in grade 3.  We will learn by watching and listening and then we will learn about reading music notation!

So much to learn, so much to discover....I hope you're ready! :)

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