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Greetings and welcome to my web page!

I was born and raised in Milford (the youngest of 5 children).  I began playing piano when I was in Kindergarten and have been playing ever since.  When I was in third grade, I knew I wanted to become a teacher.  I found that music was something that I loved ... and could do well, so I got involved.

In elementary school, I enjoyed my music classes where I played the flutophone (like the recorder) and sang in the chorus.  I began studying piano with a new teacher,  Phyllis White (she was the best!!).

As a student at Jonathan Law High School I joined the Marching/Concert/Jazz Bands and was a member of the Concert Choir.  Some of my favorite memories come from my work as the musical director for the Drama Club productions they presented there, (Mame, Bells are Ringing, and Boys and Girls Together). I also enjoyed participating as a member of the FolkGroup at St. Ann Church in Devon.  For several years, as an adult, I directed a Youth Choir there and continued to use some of the same songs I sang years ago.

In 1979, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from Western Connecticut State University in Danbury.  I was hired that very same year by the Milford Public School system and have been teaching here ever since! In 1988, I was asked to work with new and student teachers to help them become accustomed to the field of education.  I enjoyed it so much I went back to school myself -- and received my Master of Science degree in Elementary Education in 1991 from Southern Connecticut State University.

When I am not at work, my two sons -- Andrew and Christopher -- keep me busy! They both enjoy music, too, and play instruments!  I am very proud of them both.

I have enjoyed working with students in Milford and I am very happy to be teaching full time at Pumpkin Delight.  I spend everyday teaching in the Music Room (14).  I look forward to having class with you! :)



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