The students at Pumpkin Delight Elementary are in grades Pre-K through five.  We do lots of fun activities during Music! 

Here are some of the highlights:

Students in Grades Pre-K, K and 1

Do lots of singing, playing and moving. They will also use classroom instruments to add to songs they have already learned. They will move to and play instruments to the steady beat and experiment with basic rhythms.

Students in Grade 2 and 3

Continue singing, moving and listening. They are learning about the language of Music through "Conversational Solfege". They use folk songs, classroom instruments and Recorders to decode Music symbols, perform and create. 

Students in Grades 4 and 5:

Continue singing, listening and working with recorders and other classroom instruments.  

Grade 4 students will have their first experience in a formal school performance in May at the Spring Concert.

Grade 5  students continue their Chorus experience by performing at the annual Holiday Concert.

ALL STUDENTS in GRADE 4 and GRADE 5 participate in CHORUS. The Holiday and Spring Concerts have 2 performances each.  They both include an in-school performance for school students and staff only followed by an evening peformance for families and friends.

 Students will continue with singing, listening and playing to prepare for Middle School!



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