2nd Trimester

1.       What does Precedent mean?  Can you give an example?

2.       Look at the tag on your shirt.  Where was your shirt made?  What is it called when you buy something from another country?

3.       “The ends justify the means.”  This is a famous saying from the 15th century political author Niccolo Maciavelli.  Do you agree with this idea or not?

4.       What types of things can cause people to go to war?

5.       What does “Choose the lesser of two evils” mean?

6.       What would you do if from now on the government taxed you 1 penny every time you: texted, sent a picture, used google, tweeted, Instagrammed, went on Youtube, went on Snapchat, Netflix, posted on Facebook?  Howe would it affect your life?

7.       Have you ever had to decide between doing what is right and what is legal?  Describe the circumstances and the choice you made.

8.       What is propaganda?  What is its purpose?  Is it effective?

9.       How much do you think the tea dumped into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party was worth in today’s money?  Do you think the people of Boston should be held accountable to pay back the damages?

10.   What is meant by “The shot heard round the world?”  Why is it important?

11.   What does it mean to “Extend the olive branch?”

12.   If you got into a huge fight with your parents and decided to move out…..what would you say to them in your goodbye letter?  (At least 3 things)

13.   What does it mean to be a “fair weather friend”?

14.   What does Brain v. Brawn mean?

15.   What is a confederation?  Why do you think the Continental Congress decided to form their new government this way?

16.   Under the Articles of Confederation, “the states were held together by a rope of sand”- George Washington.  What do you think he means by this?

17.   If something you have is broken and barely functioning, do you throw it away and get something new or try to fix it?

18.   What is a compromise?  Can you give an example from a time in your life when you compromised?

19.   Who has more power?  Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President or the Chief Supreme Court Justice?

20.   What are the Miranda Rights?  Do you know where they come from?

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