Goals: Throughout the course of this year, students will be learning about the history of our nation beginning with the earliest settlers including Native Americans, Pilgrims and the citizens at Jamestown. The year will be split into trimesters where the following will also be covered: the French and Indian War, the thirteen British colonies, the American Revolution, the making and ratifying of the Constitution, Western Expansion and manifest destiny, slavery and abolition, the Civil War, and the Reconstruction. My goal for the year is to introduce American History to the students in a way in which they will become active participants in the acquisition of knowledge. To do so, they will learn to analyze facts for themselves in order to construct their own understanding and interpretation of historical events. Furthermore, it is my hope that they then continue to apply these skills to future courses as they move into high school and beyond.
The grading for this course will be as follows:

class work    15% homework      10%                                             projects      25% quizzes       30% tests         25%

Extra Help: I am available for extra help as needed.  I encourage students to come for help as soon as they encounter any difficulty!   As always, homework and upcoming events will be updated on my webpage daily. 
Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns!  I look forward to a successful year ahead!

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