Board of Education

The Board of Education was created in 1874 and charged with the mission of monitoring and directing the activities of the Milford Public School system on behalf of all Milford residents.  Although the issues discussed today are very different from those brought up more than 130 years ago -- the spirit of our board members and their dedication has remained constant through time.

The Board of Education: Elected officials

The Board of Education consists of 10 elected members, two from each voting district in Milford.  Each BOE member is elected for a two-year term.  The 2017-19 board is in place now.  The next election will take place in November 2019.


The Board of Education establishes the guidelines and policies that are used to operate the school district.  It also works with the superintendent to ensure the goals of the entire district are met.  The Board is deeply involved in the financial obligations of our school district, including the development of a fiscally responsible budget and protecting the resources available.


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