Hello, room 21 families...Here is this month's classroom update!

In math, we are just beginning our "Finding Fair Shares" unit on fractions. The kids will be dividing groups into equal parts and naming the parts with fractions, identifying equivalent fractional parts, and using mathematical symbols to compare fractions, among other things. Practicing math facts at home will continue to be helpful! In reading, we have just begun our Traditional Literature unit. The kids will understand the characteristics of traditional literature, and how these stories differ from fiction and nonfiction text. Students will also understand what we can learn about other cultures through reading fables, folktales, and fairytales, and will be able to identify the moral of these stories. In writing, we are continuing to use our five senses to show rather than tell the reader what we are writing about. In science, the kids just finished working on an informational tri-fold project about different types of severe weather. In the coming weeks, we will move back into social studies, and will begin our study of America's indigenous peoples.

Our Valentine's Day celebration will take place the afternoon of Wednesday, February 14, 2018. More information to follow. As always, check back monthly for updates! :)

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