Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents. 
  1. Does my child have reading homework every night?
  2. When is extra help given?
  3. How can I help as a parent?


Does my child have reading homework every night?

Students should be reading approximately 20 minutes every night for their independent reading.  
Book Report dates are listed under homework.
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When is extra help given?

Extra help is offered any morning at 7:30 a.m.  Students need to make an appointment.  
Also, there is Learning Center every Tuesday and Thursday. During this time, students
have an opportunity to see any teacher for extra help, to make-up tests or missed work.
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How can I help as a parent?

- Modelling reading at home is important.  Even reading a newspaper shows your child that 
you are interested in reading.
- Have reading material all over the house.
- Ask questions about what you child is reading in class.
- Quizzing before a vocabulary test might be helpful.
- If your child struggles with reading, books on tape might be helpful. However, it is very
important that he/she follow along with the tape and look at the words while listening to the tape.
- Have a discussion with your child about the book your child is currently reading that evokes
thoughtful insights, opinions, observations, and connections to the story.
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