Music Department Philosophy

The members of the Music Department believe that the Arts play a vital role in the development of every child. A comprehensive music education prepares students to develop musical aptitude, carry on our heritage, maintain a sense of community, share cultural experiences, and become an informed society of participants who can make sound judgments with regard to their personal music choices. In addition to developing the child's musicianship, music education expands the full range of students' intelligences by promoting imagination, creativity, human relationships and self-expression. Our purpose is to contribute to the holistic development of the child. Music education develops self-discipline and the capacity to refine work according to high quality standards and prepares the students for success in a wide variety of careers. It fosters creativity, independence, and develops the ability to solve complex problems. Participation in music develops teamwork, contributes to a positive school atmosphere, enhances self-esteem and the quality of life. The experiences we offer our students will provide opportunities to create, perform, and respond to music. Through the implementation of a curriculum based upon this philosophy, students will be provided the fundamental skills necessary to engage in a life-long relationship with music.

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