GOAL: My philosophy in teaching is that I teach for success not failure. In the world language classroom, my students must work to meet the expectations stated below. I believe that respect is integral to overall academic achievement and success in life. Honestly, you never get a second chance to make a first good impression. I am excited to work with my students in my 35th year of teaching and although I am advancing in age, I will forever be young in both my heart and spirit.


-Arrive on time and be ready to work to your full ability
-Complete all assignments (in and out of class) to the best of your ability
-Be prepared with materials (notebook, covered textbook, writing instrument) and assignments
-Raise your hand to answer and / or ask a question that is educationally sound
-No food, drinks, or gum chewing
-Respect, courtesy, preparation, attention, and PARTICIPATION are mandatory


40% Tests/ long term projects

35% Quizzes

15% Classwork / question of the day

10% Homework


Homework is an essential part of reinforcing material covered in class. It is assigned Monday through Thursday evenings. Assignments are listed weekly on this website under your child's class period. They can be a textbook assignment, worksheet, or review of notes and vocabulary. Students should review vocabulary and notes for 10-15 minutes daily at home.


Students are welcome to seek extra help by scheduling an appointment one day (24 hours ) in advance.


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