Your Science textbook is now online. Follow these instructions in order to 
access the printed text as well as weblinks which will enhance your 
understanding of the material.

1. Type in the url to get to Holt Publishing's homepage.

2. On the bottom left of this page is the Student Resource section. Click on 
   My Online Learning. This will bring you to a sign in page.

3. Your username and password were given to you in class.

4. You will see a picture of your blue text. On the right of it please click 
   Go to the Online Text

5. Review the How to get Started section on the right of the page.

6. Press the red tab for Book Pages

7. This site allows you to read the text or have it read aloud by clicking on
   Guided Reading

8. Remember the demo I gave in class. There are visual concepts and 
   e-activities to supplement your learning. Your textbook also gives you 
   Sci-links with webcodes to view demonstrations. Take advantage of all of
   these additional resources to make the most of your learning.

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