Class Goals

The goals for our science class are based on the New Generation Science Standards.
Upon completion of 6th grade science the student will be able to:
  • conduct scientific investigations to gather data and answer questions
  • follow standard lab safety procedures and work cooperatively  in small groups
  • discuss how science impacts technology
  • explain the differences between atoms and molecules and elements and compounds while providing examples of each using common materials
  • describe the difference between a physical change and a chemical reaction in matter
  • explain how the structure and properties of matter determine how we use materials
  • describe the organization of elements in the periodic table based on their properties
  • describe how an ecosystem is made up of both living and nonliving things which interact to support it 
  • analyze different food webs in a variety of ecosystems, including those in Connecticut
  • explain how local weather conditions are related to temperature, pressure, water content in the atmosphere and proximity to a large body of water
  • explain how the uneven heating of the Earth's surface causes the winds and weather patterns
  • describe how water moving across and through Earth materials carries products of human activities 
  • explain how human activities can impact water resources in Connecticut such as ponds, rivers and the Long Island Sound 
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