What is Phys. Ed???

     Physical Education class at West Shore is not the old fashioned "roll 
out the ball and play" type of class some of you may remember.  As a PE 
teacher, I have many of the same expectations for my class as core 
teachers have for their class.  Students must be prepared for physical 
activity and written work,  put forth their best efforts, and have respect for 
themselves and others.
     State of Connecticut Physical Education content standards are met 
through a variety of activities including floor hockey, team handball, and 
lacrosse.   A myriad of activities throughout the year will succeed in 
giving students a chance to explore their physicality, improve self 
esteem, increase confidence, as well as introduce them to the concept 
of teamwork.
     Writing an mathematics are subjects that are incorporated into the 
phys.ed. curriculum on a daily basis.
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