On Your Own

     We all wish that we could have physical education everyday at school, but since we don't, there are some things you can do on your own to help improve your physcial fitness.  Here are some ideas; I'm sure you have some of your own as well!

1.  Ride your bike.
2.  Walk your dog-it's great for him, too!
3.  Get together with friends for a pick up game of basketball, football, soccer, or double dutch.
4.  Treat yourself to a relaxing jog around the block. (Take your dog...)
5.  Walk to school with friends.
6.  Rollerblade, skateboard, or hit a punching bag.
7.  Help with the yard work.
8.  Make exercise a family activity.
9.  Take a hike.  (Bring your dog...)
10.  DO ANYTHING BESIDES SIT THERE!!!  Even a little is better than nothing!
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